Engineering Geophysics

Gehrig, Inc. provides a wide variety of geophysical services for the geotechnical, structural, electrical, and general civil engineers. We perform testing in general accordance with ASTM guidelines and IEEE standards where applicable. Our engineering geophysics project experience includes:

  • In-Situ Engineering Properties
  • Top-of-Rock Profiling
  • Dams and Levees
  • Shear Wave Velocity Profiling (Vs30)
  • Rippability Studies
  • Fault Investigations
  • Karst and Void Delineation
  • Reinforcement and Grade Beam Location
  • Bridge Deck Assessment
  • Vibration Monitoring (PPV)
  • Testing for Grounding and Corrosion Design
  • Water Level Mapping
  • Lithological Studies
  • Pavement Thickness Analysis
  • Thermal Conductivity

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