Engineering Application

Michael Gehrig, P.G., P.E., founder of Gehrig, Inc., has been primarily focused in forensic engineering investigations for the past 13 years. This included thousands of soil-structure interaction investigations, specifically related to residential and commercial foundations, retaining walls, slope and pavement distress failures. Gehrig, Inc. forensic specialty involves expansive clay soil interaction with man-made structures, which is a common problem associated with soils in Texas along with many other states. Currently, we possess licenses in engineering and geosciences only in the state of Texas.

Gehrig, Inc. is pleased to perform any level of investigation required. Scope of services can range from a relatively simple, visual site investigation to a more comprehensive geotechnical – geophysical investigation.

Our approach to complex soil-structure interaction problems is simple – innovative solutions utilizing state-of-art hardware and software advancements.

Archeological and Forensics Application

Gehrig, Inc. currently possesses technologies that can aid in archeological and forensic application projects such as:

  • Ancient and unmapped burial locating
  • Ancient buried dwelling/structure mapping
  • Clandestine graves
  • Buried evidence location (hidden weapons or ammunition)
  • Ordinance detection

Gehrig, Inc. is committed in obtaining and utilizing the latest and greatest in geophysical instrumentation and subsequent data processing.